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1. My preferred spot in the old neighborhood


2. My preferred room in my home


3. An ideal spot for excursion


4. The spot I need to visit in next summers


5. My fantasy house


6. My preferred school


7. My preferred café


8. My preferred shopping center


9. An exhibition hall that I chatted with my family


10. My mom: A perfect for me


11. My preferred on-screen character


12. My preferred film


13. The artist I like the most


14. A big name I need to resemble


15. A competitor that made me adored games


16. My preferred papers for money writer


17. A book I read the most


18. An ideal ally for me


19. The most humiliating snapshot of my life


20. The most joyful snapshot of my life


21. A remote outing in last winters


22. My preferred interest


23. Best cherished memory


24. The day I go through with my grandparents


25. My first day at school


26. My last day at school


27. The best birthday celebration I at any point had


28. A visit to the zoo


29. The most exceedingly terrible memory of my life


30. My future occupation


31. My first vehicle


32. My first day at the exercise center


33. Depict a startling encounter


34. Depict an unnerving night


35. Depict the most grievous occurrence of your life


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